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Title: dereck is an ass7/16/2016 2:35:10 PM
Ive been to Lemongrass more times than i can count always great service, food and drink my advice to you if you do not want to hear other peoples conversations get a table anf do not sit at the bar!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: 2020/8/4 5:04:50
Are you doing inside dining?
Title: 2020/2/2 8:48:37
Do not believe the pricing on their website and definitely check your bill. False advertising! And food was a little disappointing too.
Title: 2020/1/30 6:49:12
Please send me the email of a contact person that I discuss our party with. Thank you.
Title: 2019/4/6 21:22:24
This was the 1st time my husband and I been to this place. We sat at the bar, service was slow and not attentive at all to their customers. The food we order was cold, had to send it back and even when it came back it was barely like warm. We definitely won't be going back again.
Title: 2019/2/15 16:34:48
If you’re in for a relaxing Friday night at the dinner table after a rough week Lemongrass is not the place to be. Your waitresses seem to be instructed to throw the customers out of The resteraunt as soon as they finish the last spoonful. Very low class place. Won’t recommend
Title: 2019/2/14 15:50:41
Great place, awful hours of operation. You would think all, or at least most, restaurants (never mind CHINESE/JAPANESE food restaurants) would be open for one of the major Hallmark Holidays Valentine’s Day, am I right? Bull Shit. How inconvenient that they are closed every Monday also, just because. Ha, never gamble on Lemongrass to be open because 8/10 they aren’t! *Thumbs Down*
Title: 2018/8/22 13:46:11
Have ordered takeout often from sure and check your order before you leave! Last night they forgot to give us 2 orders of sushi that we paid for. Called when we got home, they wouldn’t deliver or credit our card unless we came back. Went back the next day and they gave us a gift card for the amount of our sushi only! Nothing for our inconvenience or not getting our order right. Not the 1st time they have mixed up an order. Manager would not even come out and speak to us. Not in any hurry to go back. Too many other places just as good in the area. Very disappointed...poor customer service!
Title: 2018/1/6 11:17:02
Always loved this place! Your prices have gone up, that's no problem.I would expect the General Tso Chicken not be all dried up and not able to enjoy what I paid for...This is the 3rd time I have ordered take out and it was TERRIBLE. I just ordered again and thought maybe give it a try and I specifically told the person on the phone while I ordered it to make sure it was not over cooked! Guess what?? It was so dried up ...what happened to the chicken? Never again Lemongrass...I spend at least $30.00 when I order and expect the food to be good. Money wasted!! Sincerely Lori
Title: Great Food2/1/2016 10:18:53 AM
I have been here several times in the past few months - location is conveniently close to where I work - and I am never disappointed. Service is fast and friendly and the food is always perfect!
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